Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Welcome to Thrifty Travel

As of March 27, 2021: We are no longer making kits for A-frame campers. 

Our goal for the past 20 years has been to enthuse others to live out their travel dreams in an effective and economical manner. We also try to inspire ideas for projects you might want to try yourself.
In addition to our summer travel newsletters, we provide many forms of information on the HOW, WHEN, WHY, and WHERE of travel. Each day, during our extensive travel season, we explore venues, campgrounds, locations, and eateries, along with the shared ideas of hundreds of fellow travelers. Whether you want to hit the road in the future or sit in your easy chair and travel vicariously, we might be the best (and thriftiest) source for your travel needs and dreams.

We deliver presentations on many travel topics: RV camping, road trips, and foreign travel - both self-planned and commercial tours. We are NOT travel agents, NOR do we sell travel packages. We are happy to share our knowledge with groups interested in exploring travel possibilities IF we can match your presentation date to our personal schedule. Distance may require us to ask for a small fee to handle gas costs. Don't be afraid to inquire, we're THRIFTY Travelers. The name says it all.
Be sure to check ALL our website categories for a wealth of travel information, especially our travel newsletters. We hope you’ll take the plunge and be a thrifty traveler yourself.
Travel doesn’t have to expensive. We know…   
                                                              …we’re the Thrifty Travelers !

We assume no liability from the use of our tips or advice. New content, helpful tips and articles are posted frequently. Come back and visit often… even bring a friend!

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